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Accidents with Semi-Trucks

Semi-trucks are some of the most potentially dangerous vehicles out on the freeway. An accident with a semi-truck can cause serious consequences for everyone involved. It is important for passenger vehicle drivers to be aware of the factors that make trucks much more difficult to handle – and to avoid driving mistakes that can cause accidents.

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Dangers of Big Trucks

Semi-trucks are inherently more dangerous than other vehicles because they have:

  • Difficulty braking. Large, heavy trucks take a long time to slow down or come to a stop. For this reason, changing lanes in front of a truck without leaving adequate space between the two vehicles can cause an accident if the smaller car must suddenly hit the brakes.
  • Extensive blind spots. The length and height of semi-trucks add blind spots that cars do not have. Trucks may have blind spots directly to the rear of the vehicle, to the sides of the cab, and near the rear sides of the truck. Be sure to avoid these blind spots and make sure that your vehicle is always visible to the driver in his or her mirrors.

Keep yourself and everyone out on the road safe by practicing caution when driving near big trucks.

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