Airbag Injuries

In the event of a severe car crash the two items most likely to save your life are
seatbelts and airbags. Since the invention of airbags, serious injuries and death
due to collisions has decreased dramatically. Buying a car that contains the utmost
in airbag protection is always a good idea and is well worth the extra money.

While a steering wheel airbag can save the life of a driver when they are hit from
the back, if the car does not have a side impact airbag and the driver is involved
in a T-bone collision, he or she will have no protection. But while airbags are
undoubtedly lifesaving devices, certain rules should be followed while riding or
driving in a car with airbags as they can result in injury or death in children.

Rules for Airbags

Before a car containing airbags is started, these rules should be observed:

  • • Never sit too close to the steering wheel. Airbags deploy at a speed of more than
    100mph. This force can cause injury when the driver or passenger is too close. Drivers
    should allow at least 10 inches between their breastbone and center of the steering

  • • Always wear a seatbelt. Unrestrained persons in a vehicle can slide forward and
    injure or break their necks when the airbag hits them at the wrong angle.

  • • Children 12 and under should always use the proper car seat or restraint and ride
    in a rear seat away from airbags.

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