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Arsenic Poisoning

Arsenic is a notoriously poisonous metalloid. It is frequently used in pesticides, herbicides, and insecticides.

In the 20th century, even quite late into the century, arsenic was used in Lead Hydrogen Arsenate. This was a fruit tree insecticide. While it did a great job killing the pests, it was also linked to brain damage when many of the people spraying the trees with the insecticide experienced brain damage.

It has also been used in a variety of medicines. Arsphenamine and arsenic trioxide are two of the main medicines containing arsenic. Arsphenamine was used to treat syphilis. This practice has ended since antibiotics were invented. Arsenic trioxide is used mainly to treat cancer. It was approved by the FDA to treat a specific type of leukemia that did not respond to other types of treatment.

Copper acetoarsenite is a green pigment. It caused numerous arsenic poisonings until it was pulled from shelves.

When a person is poisoned by arsenic, their production of ATP or adenosine tri-phosphate is disrupted. This metabolic disturbance leads to wide-scale, multi-system organ failure. During an autopsy, a person who has been killed due to arsenic will have very red organs as a result of massive hemorrhaging that takes place in the organs and veins.

Arsenic has also been classified as a group 1 carcinogen. It is believed to be the cause of the increased levels of skin cancer in Wisconsin. Wisconsin’s ground water is known to contain naturally occurring arsenic.

Although arsenic is toxic, it may also play a protective role.

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