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Bicycle Accidents

With the increase in gas prices, studies have shown that, nationwide, people are using their bikes as a form of transportation more and more frequently. While this is good for the nation’s overall health and these people’s pocketbooks, it can be dangerous.

The general perception is that individuals who bike on roads where cars are also present are somehow at fault whenever they start peddling. In fact, non-cyclists often feel that cyclists take their lives into their own hands by riding recklessly or venturing onto streets at all. While this may sound good, cyclists are involved in far fewer collisions with cars than are pedestrians.

This is probably due to the level of alertness exhibited by bicyclists. Bicyclists, for the most part, are very alert when they ride on streets where cars are present. This can be due to the fact that cars frequently aren’t on the look-out for bikes and so someone must pay attention or a variety of other factors. In fact, it stands to reason that many of cycling’s risks, perceived or otherwise, could be lessened with public education and more care taken by pedestrians and motorists.

The degree to which bike accidents are not the fault of the cyclists is telling when the three main causes of accidents have nothing to do with anything that is under the control of the cyclists. The three main traffic risks are:

  • Reckless, belligerent, or blindsided motorists
  • Swinging car doors
  • Jaywalking pedestrians

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