Chemical Spills

Every day, thousands of hardworking men and women across the country brave hazardous job conditions simply to put food on the table. Some of the most dangerous tasks involve the highly toxic chemicals that play a role in all sorts of industrial processes and research applications.

Although the U.S. government strictly enforces a number of detailed laws and regulations concerning how chemicals may be handled and stored, accidents occur nevertheless. In one recent example, 5,000 people had to be evacuated when a tanker carrying hydrofluoric acid overturned, releasing tons of the irritating and potentially fatal material into the air.

Many people around the scene of the wreck had to be treated for minor complications related to exposure. Fortunately, no one was seriously hurt this time, but all too often the results of such incidents are tragic.

Liability Issues

While we all know that “accidents happen,” this does not excuse any negligence on the part of an employer when it comes to chemical spills and the devastating toll they can take on human life.

Sadly, larger corporations will often take all possible measures to avoid compensation for medical expenses, loss of job time, and general wrongdoing leading to death or serious injury. A large portion of their budgets is devoted to maintaining legal teams that specialize in reducing responsibility and the appearance of negligence.

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