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Child Choking Prevention

An overwhelming percent of the 2,800 people who die from choking incidents each year in the United States are children. Toys and other children’s products were to blame in nearly 70 percent of fatal choking accidents in children ages three and younger. Meanwhile, food such as hotdogs and fruit and vegetable pieces are the most common causes of non-fatal choking incidents in children.

Avoiding accidents

As parent or child care provider, there are some simple tips you can follow to avoid choking accidents. It is important to be familiar with first aid and CPR in the event that choking does happen and causes the child to lose consciousness.

When eating meals:

  • Encourage the child to eat slowly .
  • Make sure your child is sitting down at the table.
  • Cut up foods that are firm and can obstruct an airway.
  • Watch out for small, hard foods like candy and popcorn.

When playing:

  • Pay attention to toy age recommendations.
  • Never let your child chew on deflated or broken latex balloons.
  • Check places like the sofa for small parts that your child could find.
  • Teach older children to keep toys designed for them away from infants and toddlers.

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