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Construction Zone Accidents

Every summer, thousands of miles of our nation’s highways and roads are placed under construction. The orange signs and orange barrels go up all over the place as states and cities rush to take advantage of the warmer weather to repair their damaged roads. Unfortunately, this frequently leads to injuries for many people, both working the site and motorists driving through.

Workers who are employed by construction companies frequently are at risk of being hit by passing motorists. There is a reason the speeding fines are doubled in construction zones – too many people have been hit by speeding motorists. In addition to speeding motorists, construction workers must also be wary of individuals just not paying attention to the road.

The risks posed by motorists are scary enough. In addition to risks posed by speeding motorists, construction workers are also put at risk by the very nature of their job. The pavement is hot and the sun is no less hot. These circumstances lead to dehydration and sun stroke. Dehydration can cause people to pass out or to be less than vigilant while operating multiple ton machinery. The construction site is not a place for people to make mistakes.

Motorists too are at risk in construction areas. The lanes are frequently uneven to the point that cars easily roll when changing lanes. Often, a car will have a jersey barrier or other cement barrier scant inches from the side of their car. The lanes are also narrow and frequently not well marked. These circumstances combine to form a dangerous area for motorists.

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