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Crowd Safety at Concerts

The sun is blazing, speakers are blaring, and you are about 4 inches from the people standing next to you. You are among the masses crooning to the music at a summer music festival. Beyond remembering to keep hydrated and trying not to lose your friends in the huge crowds, there is something else you should be watching out for; the crowds themselves.

The Numbers

There were over 200 deaths globally from crowd accidents at music concerts and festivals in the ten years spanning from 1992 to 2002. During that decade more than 66,000 people were left injured at these events from crowd control gone wrong.


To help keep safety in mind while enjoying a performance by your favorite band, remember the acronym FIST:

  • Force is an estimation of the pressure loads created by a crowd.
  • Information: arrive early to become aware of available exits and where police and medical personnel are located.
  • Space refers to the practical working capacities of entry gates, viewing areas, etc. Events that allow general admission are often not properly planned because they do not limit the number of people who can occupy the space.
  • Time plays a huge role in creating a crowd that could get out of control. Concert goers have a longer period of time to enter the concert grounds than they to do to exit them. Try to avoid this mass exodus by leaving the show a short time before it ends.

If you or someone you know has suffered injury or death because of a crowd accident at a concert, you are not alone and you have the right to seek damages for any losses you incurred.

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