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Day Care Negligence

Just as the elderly are vulnerable to negligent and abusive practices in nursing home, children can be subject to the illegal or dangerous practices of day care centers. Fortunately for our young ones, they are also protected under the law and entitled to recover damages for any injury they receive due to negligent practices in their day cares or schools.

Kids are going to fall down playing tag, scrape their knees climbing trees, and maybe even break a bone being daring on a bike. Some accidents, however, are entirely preventable by appropriate supervision. It is these instances, where injuries occur under the guard of presumably responsible and vigilant day care personnel who fail to comply with the responsibilities of their job, which can elicit legal action.

Choosing a Safe Day Care

There are obvious things that parents know to look for: a clean, fun environment, an engaging staff, the temperament and appearance of children already enrolled. There also warning signs of a bad day care that are under the radar.

Look around the outside area for signs of usage. In the summer, patches of grass should be worn around the exit and the swings. Footprints will cover the ground in the winter. A poor facility will be discouraged by the heat or effort it takes to dress children for cold weather and not allow them to play outside. This is a bad sign because physical activity is important.

As much as cleanliness is important (are there broken toys or trash within the children’s reach?) an establishment that is very neat probably spends more time cleaning than interacting and supervising children. Toys should be thrown around and art areas messy as evidence that the children there are being engaged in activities.

If you suspect that your child has been a victim of day care negligence, contact the Kenosha day care negligence lawyers of Habush Habush & Rottier S.C. ® at 1-866-499-4700 to discuss your case and legal options.