Defamation Law

Remember back to your school days when you learned about slander and libel in your Civics class? Those were not just important vocabulary words of the week, but are common actions that are often taken to court. The overall term that covers these cases is “defamation.” Defamation is an action, written or spoken that hurt someone else status or character. Written defamation is called libel and spoken defamation is called slander.

Defamation cases are often hard to try, because courts are must try and balance freedom of speech, versus a person’s right to not have other’s spreading lies about them which causes them some kind of injury.

To prove that someone is defaming you, you need to prove that what they are saying or writing is false. This is the most important part of your case. You must show the court that the accusations that are being made against you are published, whether in print or being permeated through speech. And finally you need to prove how this defamation is hurting you, physically or psychologically.

Defamation laws vary from state to state. This kind of case is an exercise in research and logic prowess. You need a lawyer to help advise you in these cases.

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