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Defective Helmets

Tackles, touchdowns, and cheerleading are the typical components of a high school football game. There is also the occasional cramped leg or sprained ankle. As players have gotten bigger and the sport has become more aggressive, however, mild and traumatic brain injuries have come into the mix. Although football players at all levels are required to wear helmets, the integrity of those helmets is not always under enough scrutiny.

Chin Strap Recall

In 2007, athletic gear company Nike recalled their chin straps because they were breaking and increasing the risk of injury. The plastic cups on the chin straps were breaking on impact, exposing the athletes to head and facial injuries. Among the injuries suffered because of the defective chin straps were concussions, facial lacerations, and a broken nose.


All helmets whether new or refurbished must undergo testing to ensure they can hold up under heavy blows and extreme impact. Reconditioning companies take used helmets and refurbish them, replacing worn out or damaged parts. These companies are required to perform a formal drop-testing procedure in which the helmets are subjected to strong forces in different locations. Despite these regulations, last fall over 200,000 amateur football players went into the huddle wearing helmets that were not properly tested.

Helmets that crack, break, or otherwise fail the drop-test are supposed to be destroyed because they make a player more vulnerable to a fractured skull or brain hemorrhage.

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