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Go-Karts Go Under

They zip, they zoom, and if you are a twelve-year-old boy owning a go-kart is easily the greatest joy in this world. As fun as go-karts are on tracks and at amusements parks, what kid does not dream of owning their very own kart to cruise around the cul-de-sac? Parents who are considering granting the gift of a go-kart should educate themselves and their children on the potential dangers of an at-home speed wagon.


According to a study that was recently released, children who sustain injuries from go-karts requiring hospitalization stay an average of five days in the hospital. More than half of these children required at least one operation and almost a third required two or more operations. These findings were part of a larger study of 160 children ages 16 and under who were admitted to the hospital from 1998 to 2003 as a result of injuries from go-karts and other motorized vehicles.

The Dangers

Go-karts pose a variety of threats and dangers, including:

  • Exposed gas tanks
  • Uncovered machinery and engines
  • No protection for the head, arms, and legs

Parents should also take into account the maturity level of their child. It is extremely important that if you do allow your child to use a private go-kart, you be present to monitor and supervise their fast times and fun.

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