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Hair Dryer Injuries

There are many different products on the market that can result in serious injury to consumers. Because of the large number of products that are put on the market every year, they are often not properly tested for defects or possible injury causing parts. One seemingly harmless product that is used by millions of Americans each year that can cause serious injury or death is the hair dryer.

There are many types of hair dryers available to purchase and it is difficult to tell which ones are more likely to cause injury. This may entice some people to use old hair dryers. But using old dryers comes with its own set of issues.

While using a hair dryer, you should be aware of the following injuries that can occur:

  • Electric shock–the potential for shock due to water exposure is the most serious threat put forth from hair dryers. If a hair dryer is plugged in and fully emerged in water when someone touches it, instant death can result.
  • Hair pulling—many hair dryers do not have effective safety coverings over the area where the motor resides and as such, long hair can be sucked into the motor and pulled, causing bruising of the scalp, burning of the hair, or ripping out of the hair from the scalp.
  • Burns–certain hair dryers can cause burning on the scalp when held too close or when long hair is caught in the motor.

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