Injuries Around Water

Americans love activities involving swimming, diving, or sliding into water. The existence of the many
water parks in the United Sates is a testament to this love. But while a day of swimming at the pool
or beach, blazing down water park rides, canoeing or rafting on the river, or diving at the local swimming
hole can be fun-filled family activities, they can turn into tragedies at a moments notice.

Water poses many threats to both children and adults. Every year many people are severely injured or
die from water related activities. Potential dangers are:

  • Drowingings–evey year there are around 3,000 fatal unintentional drowning in the United States. These
    can happen when swimmers go out too far in the ocean, boaters are careless and capsize or hit other
    boats or stationary objects, children are left unattended, or when the open body of water has an undertow.
  • Diving–divers die every year from hidden objects under the water, drunk diving, hitting the water at
    a bad angle and hitting objects protruding from cliffs. Diving accidents frequently result in broken
    backs and necks.
  • Slips and falls–most swimming areas contain concrete or rocks. Water is makes these surfaces slippery
    and when swimmers run around swimming areas they can slip and experience serious head trauma.

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