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AIDS in the United States

AIDS was first identified as a distinct condition in the United States in 1981. This makes the United States the first country to recognize AIDS as a disease. Currently, there are more than a million people with HIV living in the United States. The scary part is that nearly a quarter of these people are unaware of their condition. This creates a high risk of transmission.

Unlike the original thought that AIDS and HIV were just diseases affecting drug users and homosexual men, the disease affects all sectors of American society. Men, women, young and old, black and white, gay and straight, and the rich and the poor are all affected by the condition. It cannot be ignored that the impact of AIDS has affected some demographics more than others.

In the early years of this global epidemic, the “vulnerable” groups were men who had sexual relationships with other men, injecting drug users, hemophiliacs, and Haitians. The disease affects and infects thousands of gay and bisexual men, as well as injecting drug users every year.

In addition, AIDS and HIV have a high incidence among heterosexual African Americans. The Latino population is increasingly affected by the disease.

Currently, there is no cure for AIDS but the transmission can be delayed by getting tested and informing any future partners of the condition.

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