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Farmers Face Danger

Farmers supply the country with corn, cotton, wheat, and several other goods that we consume and export. The American farmer is one of the most vital links in the United States’ economic chain. What many of us who consume and enjoy the fruits of their labor are not aware of is the work-related dangers that agricultural workers face on a daily basis.


Last year, over 700 people in the United States died from accidents while performing a farm-related activity. Another 150,000 agricultural workers were involved in work-related accidents that caused them to suffer disabling injuries.

Working at Risk

The problem with a lot of equipment that is used on a farm setting is that it does not come with standard safety features like seat belt. Agricultural machinery tends to be heavy and difficult to operate alone, as many farmers do.


Tractor accidents account for a larger percentage of farm work-related injuries. They have a propensity for rolling over onto the operator or passengers. Only about half of the tractors used on U.S. farms are designed with life-saving roll over protective structures and seat belts.

Have you suffered an injury due to an accident involving faulty farm equipment or machinery? You may be eligible to recover damages for the suffering that you have had to experience. Your injury has undoubtedly caused you not only to suffer physically, but emotionally and financially as well.

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