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Injuries Caused By Crocs

Crocs are loved by some people and loathed by many more. Their fans are as vocal as their enemies. As comfortable as they may be, they may have the ability to cause serious injuries.

Crocs are plastic clogs that were originally designed to be spa shoes. They are made from a foam resin called “croslite,” which is an ethylene vinyl acetate. The foam has the amazing ability to adjust and mold itself to the wearer’s foot. Some podiatrists have attested to the amazing medical benefits of these shoes.

Unfortunately, Crocs also have the ability to injure people. Children, in particular, have been afflicted by injuries while wearing these shoes. The majority of Croc-related injuries to children have occurred on escalators. In these cases, the shoe rubs against the side of the escalator and melts. When it becomes soft or melts, it is sucked under the step and drawn into the escalator mechanism. Unfortunately, it also has a tendency to pull the child’s foot in as well. In 74 cases since 2006, this has caused the child to sustain injuries.

The injuries from Crocs do not stop there. Some hospitals are banning the shoes due to concerns that they lead to a buildup of static electricity that interferes with sensitive electronic equipment used in hospitals to ensure that people are kept alive.

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