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When airbags first became common in cars, everyone was excited because they seemed like such an increase in the safety level available in cars. Unfortunately, shortly after they came out, people started noticing a number of injuries that could only have been attributed to an airbag.

The reason for injuries due to airbags is that they were not designed or tested with the majority of people in mind. When the automobile industry developed their airbags, they tested and designed them for a 180 pound male that is 5’8” tall. For everyone that is not the same size as this crash test dummy, the benefits of an airbag are not fully known.

These airbags do not take into account the safety needs of women, shorter people who are forced to sit closer to the steering wheel, or even children. There is also no consideration given to individuals who have medical reasons that put them in danger from the airbags.

Injuries, including broken facial bones and neck injuries, are much more common than deaths due to an airbag. The data is difficult to evaluate, however, because accidents and injuries are voluntarily reported. Also, if a person has come to a hospital from a car accident, it might be difficult to determine which injuries are due chiefly to the airbag and which are due to the crash itself.

Airbags have been so poorly designed for women that they do not contribute a net protective effect until after the female is in a car going above 38 miles per hour. To combat these problems, the auto industry has promised new “advanced” airbags that are due out in 2012. These will feature supplemental restraint systems and will be safe for women, children, and men.

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