Tort Law

Where Tort Law Originated

Over 200 years ago, a developing country now known as the United States of America borrowed a system of law from the British that established that individuals are legally liable for their actions. In particular they are responsible for any damages or injuries that cause another person whether intentionally or through their own carelessness. This section of the law is called tort law.

What is Tort Law?

The tort system holds us personally accountable for our actions. When an individual intentionally causes harm to another person, it is considered assault and punished under criminal law. The sentencing for assault crimes can involve fines, probation, and incarceration.

We are also legally responsible for the things we do unintentionally. Causing someone to suffer an injury, even by accident, is still considered a breach of the law, only these matters are handled in civil courts. Victims in these cases typically seek to recover damages for their injuries. To do so, they must file what is called a personal injury claim.

Who it applies to

Tort law applies to almost everyone, including mentally competent adults and teenagers. The law does not really recognize accidents, because that word implies that no one is at fault. Even if an action resulting in property damage or personal injury was unintentional, someone is still at fault and legally liable.

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