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Landlords and CO2 Safety

If you are a renter, you and your family deserve to be protected from common household dangers. This protection should go far beyond properly secured windows and doors and working smoke alarms. You should also be able to rest assured that you are safe from carbon monoxide gas, also known as the “silent killer”. This tasteless, invisible and odorless gas can seep out from household appliances and pipes and injure or kill the inhabitants of a house.

What a Landlord Can Do

Before a tenant even steps foot in a rental property, the landlord should have installed an updated and properly functioning CO2 detector. You can make sure your landlord has installed a detector by searching for a device that is usually rectangular, slightly bigger than a smoke alarm and generally white. It is possible for landlords to buy CO2 detectors that are combined with smoke or fire alarms. If this is the case, ask your landlord about the whereabouts of the CO2 detector.

CO2 detectors routinely check the gas levels in the house and will go off if the levels get to a potentially hazardous level. It is also the responsibility of the landlord to have all gas operating appliances checked for leaks. Any pipes carrying gas should be routinely inspected as well.

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