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Pesticide Dangers

There can be no question that pesticides have done wonders for the food industry, allowing crops to flourish and generally lowering the price of produce to affordable levels. However, these chemicals are also one of the most notorious culprits in health-related legal cases across the globe.

Pesticides have been around in some form since ancient times. Early examples of substances applied to crops to ward off insects and other damaging organisms included sulfur, lead, arsenic and mercury. While the notion of soaking the soil with well-known toxins today rightly seems absurd, modern pesticides can do plenty of damage as well.

DDT, one of the world’s first and most popular synthetic pesticides, has been linked to serious interference in the ecosystem and carcinogenic properties. Runoff from chemical pesticides that finds its way into water sources has routinely been documented as a major health concern, as has residue found in the food supply itself.

Those likely to be at the highest risk for health complications from pesticides are the farmers and workers responsible for handling these dangerous materials. Every year, hundreds of thousands of individuals in this hazardous line are diagnosed with short and long-term medical problems, ranging from nausea and headaches to respiratory illness and increased likelihood of birth defects.

Although lawmakers and social activists alike have contributed in recent decades to a growing regulation of pesticides and encouragement of natural alternatives, pesticide problems still exist. Moreover, they can be incredibly difficult to identify as the source of an individual’s health issues.

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