Police Brutality

The police forces of our cities and states are supposed to be there to protect us. Unfortunately this is not always the case, as police brutality is on a rise in our country. There are several things in the United States that have been put into place to help protect us from the law enforcement.

The Fourth Amendment: This law that is granted to every citizen is supposed to protect us from unlawful search and seizures, this can be of our property, but also ourselves.

The Fourteenth Amendment: This amendment requires that every person be allowed Due Process and equal protection from and against the law. The police cannot interfere in an investigation or case just because they are angry, they must let the proper officials take matters, and they are just there to enforce the law.

The Civil Rights Act of 1871: This tries to prevent against police brutality by limiting the amount of force law enforcement officers can use.

Federal Tort Claims: When police are negligent while on the job and cause personal injury, this falls under the tort claims used in many personal injury cases.

Police brutality is absolutely unacceptable under any circumstances. While a powerful part of law enforcement, police need to be kept in their bounds.

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