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The Potential Dangers of Airbags

Sometimes the things that are meant to protect us can hurt us the most. If you are involved in an automobile collision you expect the safety devices in your vehicle to protect you from serious injury and death. Unfortunately, safety features like air bags sometimes not only fail to prevent injury, but can actually cause it.

Faulty Air Bags

Many injuries caused by air bags occur because the bag deploys too early or when it is not necessary. After the shock of the air bag going off and obstructing his or her field of vision, a driver can lose control of their vehicle, leading to major accidents with other cars. On the other end of the spectrum is a bag that does not deploy at all, leaving a driver increasingly vulnerable to injury during a collision.

A Defective Design

Air bags were initially constructed for people who were between 5 ‘8” and 5’10” and weighed 180lbs. People smaller than these specifications are vulnerable to further injury because of their smaller frames and closeness to the steering wheel.

Eye Injuries

Even the most minor of accidents has cost some people their vision because of a poor air bag design. The eye socket can suffer severe bruising. There have even been some cases of air bags causing eyeballs to rupture.

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