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Product Liability

Although we would like to believe that all the products that we find in stores and can order online are safe, that is just not the case. The number of product liability cases has been on the steady rise as we see more products being brought in from developing nations and not having the oversight that most American products have. However, the Federal Trade Commission is suppose to keep these products under constant check and surveillance to prevent accidents from occurring against our citizens.

In most cases, there are three different types of product liability cases:

  • Negligence – This type of case usually deals with a flaw in the design of a product, poor manufacturing, or insufficient warning labels.
  • Strict Liability – Instead of suing someone for negligence, this is a suing of the actual product. If the product is flawed and is dangerous, it is under strict liability.
  • Breach of Warranty – if warranty is breached, this mean that the product has not worked in the way designed and become dangerous over time.

Product liability cases come before American courts everyday. If you have bought a product that is suppose to be safe, and has hurt you or someone you love, then it is important to bring your case forward. This can help others be saved from injury from the same product.

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