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Protective Clothing for Motorcycles

Many motorcycle riders turn to designer clothing that looks great when they ride their bike. Unfortunately, not all great-looking motorcycle clothing offers as much protection as riders frequently think. In Europe, the problem became so significant that they created a series of regulations and tests that any clothing that wants to be called “safety” clothing must undergo.

The European tests include standard tests which measure performance in abrasion, tearing, and impact. Unfortunately for bikers in the United States, the tests don’t exist for clothing sold in the United States.

So the question of picking safe clothing comes down to knowing for what to look. Basically, it amounts to protecting the most vulnerable areas of the body with the hardest stuff possible.

Many people do not realize that their legs and feet are extremely vulnerable in an accident. For this reason, high boots and protective pants need to be worn. Pants should be reinforced at the knees as well as the hips. In addition, they should attach to a jacket by zipper. When choosing pants, try finding Kevlar reinforced jeans. Kevlar reinforced jeans have been shown by European tests to hold up for 5 seconds or more when being hit by abrasive forces. Normal, non-Kevlar enforced jeans last only .6 seconds.

Boots are equally important. They should be thick leather with a sole that can flex with the foot. In addition to being able to flex with the foot, the boot should have some resistance to crushing across the foot.

Jackets should be as hardwearing as pants. They should have uniform stitching with no dropped stitches. A person’s “sharp bits” such as elbows and shoulders should be reinforced, preferably with some impact protection as well. Dropped stitches are dangerous as they present weak spots in the jacket. A dropped stitch makes a weak point in the seam which can be pulled apart more easily.

Gloves, as a person’s hands are vulnerable, should have reinforced palms. Like jeans, gloves are also available with Kevlar knitting on the palms.

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