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Seeking Compensation in Your Personal Injury Lawsuit

When you are injured in an accident or due to a dangerous or faulty product, a personal injury lawsuit can help you recover damages in a wide range of areas. A good personal injury attorney can help you to determine which of the following common claim categories are applicable to your individual case.

Damages from lost wages

If you miss work because of injuries caused by your accident or because you were receiving medical care after your accident, whoever caused your injuries may be required to compensate you for your lost wages.

Damages from medical bills

After an accident, being forced to pay high medical bills just adds insult to injury. A personal injury lawyer can help you recover the cost of your medical care.

Damages to property

Often, a serious accident not only injures people, but destroys valuable property as well. The cost of damages to your property may be considered as part of your personal injury lawsuit.

Damages from permanent injuries

Sometimes injuries suffered from accidents are not things which can heal over time; they may result in permanent disability or disfigurement. When this happens, you are entitled to compensation not only for your short and long-term medical care, but also for any other negative effects these permanent injuries will have on your future life.

Damages from emotional or psychological trauma

Although it is difficult to convert emotional of psychological trauma into a compensable financial sum, it is both legal and feasible, especially with the help of a competent personal injury lawyer. The law recognizes that emotional and psychological injuries, while intangible, are just as painful and real as broken bones or serious burns.

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