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Shopping Cart Injuries

Every day, thousands of parents place their children in a shopping cart while they take care of business at a grocery store or other retail establishment. This practice is so commonplace that the vast majority of adults don’t think twice about it. The statistic that shopping cart accidents account for nearly 24,000 injuries to children every year, then, almost always comes as a shock and unpleasant surprise.

More than half of these cases involved a child falling from the cart, while another thirty percent were caused by the cart itself tipping over. This was frequently the result of a sibling climbing onto the side of the cart or stepping inside. Smaller children also became trapped inside or underneath carts, which are an average of four feet high.

Research on this topic has revealed that the number of parents who properly secure their children triples when a greeter at the store entrance reminds them of the importance of this step. Carts designed to keep children lower to the ground significantly reduced the number of injuries, as well.

While much responsibility falls to parents to ensure their children’s safety, the stores themselves are liable to a certain degree for the upkeep of their carts and proper safety labeling. Neglect on the part of the establishment can be difficult to prove, but it is never out of the question. A family recently began litigation against Wal-Mart when the cart in which their child was riding tipped over during a transition from hardwood to carpeted flooring.

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