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Skateboarding Safety

The popularity of skateboarding has been steadily on the rise over the past two decades or so, reaching younger and younger generations of enthusiasts every year. However, with this increase in the number of skaters and the decrease in their median age comes a greater pool of people who are at risk of serious danger, with the U.S. Product Safety Commission reporting 26,000 hospitalizations from the pastime annually.

Skateboarding without taking proper safety precautions can have disastrous results, especially for the six in ten skaters under the age of 15. To stay safe while skating, make sure your children follow these basic tips:

  • Always use protective gear: Proper protection includes a helmet, knee and elbow pads, and comfortable, slip-resistant shoes. Skateboarding safety gear quality is not yet federally regulated, so careful selection is especially important.
  • Scout out the areas in which you will be skating: A substantial number of injuries encountered by skaters occur as a result of running into cracks, rocks, or other pavement irregularities. The effects of such an impact are greatly magnified at higher speeds, with major injures sometimes resulting from small impediments. Also check for hidden dips, ledges, and other unexpected features.
  • Never ride in the street: Collisions between skaters and cars tend to be fairly one-sided in their results. Don’t risk being blindsided by an inattentive driver or one coming from a blind corner.
  • Check your gear: Skateboards are fairly basic pieces of equipment, but they are subject to a high degree of wear and tear. Before riding, make sure all parts are securely attached and that no debris is caught in or near the moving components.

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