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Snakes and Hidden Dangers

On the list of animals that are chronically misunderstood and feared by the vast majority of humans, snakes rank pretty high. A combination of our evolutionarily-bred avoidance of and caution around these creatures and certain long-standing social representations (think of the serpent in the Garden of Eden) had led most of us to consider snakes as evil, sneaky, and deadly.

In truth, almost any snake you come across is more scared of you than you are of it. The recorded cases of humans being specifically hunted down and targeted as food are surprisingly scarce, making most snake bites a simple case of self-defense. Apart from people who are unfortunately “asking for it” by deliberately disturbing a snake, the main problem has to do with where they tend to spend most of their time.

Many snakes, especially those found in North America such as the rattlesnake or copperhead, love find dark, small spaces to curl up. In places where human and snake habitats cross, this can lead to problems. One image recently circulated on the internet, for example, showed a snake curled up in the wheel well of child’s motorized toy.

Although this case may be a bit exceptional, it draws attention to the fact that snakes do not somehow magically know a safe place to hang out from one that may cause harm. If you live in an area where snakes are common, do your best to seal up any places around your house that might look tempting. Keeping your yard free of leaves and debris is another good way to avoid undesired encounters.

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