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Swimming Pool Safety

If someone gets injured in or around your pool you are liable for any injuries that are caused. Premise personal injury cases usually involve someone not maintaining their property in a safe way and so someone gets injured because of their negligence. Even if it is not the property owner’s fault that the person got injured, they are usually the ones blamed.

With private swimming pools the danger of being stuck with a personal injury suit is high. With lots of children and little supervision there are a lot of chances for some mishap or accident. This is why it is very important to always have a parent or an adult supervising any children in or around the pool.

Having good upkeep of the pool is also important. Make sure the deck gets dried off and is not slippery. Reiterate how diving and jumping in the pool head first is very dangerous. Slip/fall and spinal injuries are the most common around swimming pools, often resulting in very serious injuries.

It is always a good idea to be certified in CPR, teach your children how to swim, and constantly remind them how important it is to be careful around the pool.

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