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The Benefits of Settling Out of Court

It is a common misconception that suing someone for an injury will result in the
type of trials seen on television. But the vast majority of personal injury cases
never make it to a court room. If they do, the trial is usually just in front of
a judge. Juries are only brought in in rare cases. While the idea of a “fair” trial
in front of a judge might seem appealing, usually settling out of court is a far
better idea.

Settling out of court has many advantages. A good personal injury lawyer will strongly
suggest avoiding a court date through the process of settling. The process of settling
a lawsuit includes a number of steps.

  • Filing the suit–the party that is being sued must first know about the impending
    lawsuit and be given time to hire a lawyer and respond.

  • Discovery–during discovery, both sides will get detailed information from the opposing
    party. This includes all relative documents, witnesses, and medical information
    regarding the case.

  • Settling–either the injured party or the defending party will suggest a monetary
    amount they believe is reasonable. The other party will then either agree to this
    sum or send over another amount they believe to be more representative of the injuries

Going to court can result in the injured party receiving nothing or being awarded
a considerable amount less than they could settling out of court.

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