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Toaster Ovens and Fires

A toaster oven is often thought of as an essential kitchen appliance along with the microwave, blender and food processor. It offers more uses than the traditional toaster. But while it is nice to be able to use a toaster oven to reheat pizza, melt cheese on toast or broil hot dogs, they are among the most hazardous of any common household appliance.

The Pitfalls of Toaster Ovens

Toaster ovens are essentially tiny ovens that operate in the same manner as the built-in large ones, but without the many safety features included on their larger predecessors. Toaster ovens can reach very high temperatures in just minutes for the sake of convenience. But toaster ovens tend to collect many sprinkles of food that can fall through the grate and onto the burner.

When these food particles accumulate and the oven reaches a high temperature, small fires can occur. If someone is not carefully watching the oven when a fire occurs, it can easily become a large electrical fire. These fires can burn down homes and even kill people and pets.

Old and malfunctioning toaster ovens are much more likely to cause serious fire damage to the home, but any oven has the potential to start a fire. It is important to clean out and maintain your toaster oven on a regular basis.

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