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Safety First

After a dog attack has occurred, either the dog or victim needs to be secured. The dog should be secured by the owner. If he or she is not available then move the victim or a safe location. Do not begin treatment until the situation has been neutralized so that the dog cannot attack again.

After doing this, someone needs to call a physician to determine if the victim needs immediate medical attention. Call 911 immediately if there is excessive bleeding, wounds to vital organs, or the victim is non-respondent.

Control the Bleeding

Whoever is administering the first aid care should practice universal precautions and wear protective personal gear. At the very minimum, no wound should be handled without wearing latex gloves. In order to stop the bleeding, apply pressure to the wound using a clean material like gauze. If the blood soaks through, add more gauze but do not peel the soaked layer away.

Cleaning the Wound

Soap and warm water are good preliminary agents for cleaning a wound. Deep wounds need to also be cleaned on the inside. Rinse all soap away to avoid irritation. Cover the wound with a clean and dry dressing. Watch for redness, swelling, heat, and weeping pus from the wound as these are all signs of infection.

Speak with a Kenosha Dog Bite Lawyer

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