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Treating Lead Poisoning

Lead toxicity, also called lead poisoning, is caused by high levels of lead in the blood stream. Once it was discovered that lead was dangerous and potentially deadly, the government banned its use in household products.

Exposure still occurs however, in products made before the ban like paint, household pipes, and some gasoline. Protecting children, especially those six and younger, is extremely important because of the damage is can have on their neurological system.


Initially, the symptoms of lead poisoning are often confused with something like the flu or a stomach virus. Nausea, excessive lethargy, abdominal pain, and gastrointestinal problems are all flu-like symptoms of lead poisoning. Symptoms like excessive hyperactivity, a metal taste in your mouth, or a blue line at the bottom of your gums are unique to lead poisoning.


If your child is exposed to lead poisoning, the type of treatment they need to receive will depend greatly on the amount of lead found in their blood. A part of any treatment plan should be to make an effort to decrease the child’s exposure to lead. Also, feed your child a diet that is high in calcium and iron because deficiencies in these minerals can increase the body’s absorption of lead.

If you or your child has suffered injury or death due to lead poisoning, it is your right to seek damages from the parties responsible for your exposure.

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