Typing Injuries

As our nation continues its transition into a service-based economy, more and more jobs these days revolve around the daily use of a computer. Ergonomics, or the branch of scientific study that deals with the human body in a work environment, is therefore increasingly focused on proper posture and hand-position over a keyboard.

Repetitive stress injuries, or RSIs, are some of the most common workplace ailments that ergonomics seeks to prevent and remedy. Caused by the overuse of a particular joint, RSIs often result from playing video games or musical instruments for extended periods as well. Some major examples of RSIs that can arise from typing work include:

  • Carpal Tunnel – probably the most well-known RSI, carpal tunnel syndrome affects the bones and ligaments of the wrist, and generally leads to a combination of pain, numbness, and tingling sensation.
  • Tendonitis and Tendinosis – these complications are frequently associated with certain sports, such as tennis, in which the wrist is subject to repeated motions over a prolonged period.
  • Ganglion Cyst – in this condition, a lump or slight swelling occurs in the wrist as the result of a gelatinous substances leaking from a joint or tendon.

Tips for preventing RSIs

Although they have become extremely commonplace, RSIs are easily preventable given good ergonomic habits, such as:

  • Always sitting up straight
  • Never tensing up the shoulder muscles
  • Ensuring proper leg position, with feet flat on the ground and legs and hips fully perpendicular to the spine
  • Taking regular pauses in your work to stretch out, or “ergo” breaks
  • Adjusting chair height, monitor position, and keyboard angle so that all your typing actions are as comfortable and natural as possible

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