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Water Park Injuries

Water Parks are a great way to cool off during the summer while engaging in wholesome, family fun. But before you pack your picnic baskets and slip into your favorite new summer swim wear, consider the hazards that water parks can present and prepare yourself and your family so that your outing stays safe and fun.

The greatest danger that water parks pose is drowning. There is practically water everywhere, so the potential for accidental drowning is very high, especially for children. Children should not be allowed to go on shoots or slides and should instead only be allowed to play in child splash and play areas under a watchful eye. Even these areas can be harmful if a child slips and falls into the shallow water, so be sure to make children wear a life jacket at all times.

Drowning and Adults

Drowning is also a possibility for adults who act recklessly while at the park. Running around bodies of water can lead to slipping into the water after hitting one's head. If a person is unconscious in the water, even for a second, he or she can drown. The large crowds at water parks make it difficult for life guards to detect a person that is in danger of drowning and they should not be relied on.

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