What Is the FDA?

The US Food and Drug Administration, commonly referred to as the FDA, is the government agency that is responsible for regulating and ensuring the safety of all food, pharmaceutical, medical, and cosmetic products available to consumers. Originally created in 1927 as a reorganization of the Bureau of Chemistry, the FDA has gained considerable regulatory power over manufactured goods.

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FDA Controversy and Criticism

The FDA is responsible for ensuring the safety of the American public by regulating consumer goods. The FDA must:

  • Examine newly developed food, medical, and cosmetic products for health and safety risks, then approve safe products and reject unsafe or defective products.
  • Order recalls for products that have already been released into the market but have been proven to be unsafe for consumer use.

Although the FDA's sole purpose is to ensure public safety, the administration has garnered significant opposition from all directions—consumers who have suffered losses from a defective product, manufacturers whose products were recalled from the market, and doctors who must wait on the FDA's approval before being able to prescribe a pharmaceutical product.

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