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What to Do In a Blowout

Nothing ruins a summer road trip like a flat tire. Even more important than resuscitating your plans for fun in the sun or rescheduling your trip to the amusement park, however, is knowing how to handle your vehicle if one of the tires blows out.

Having a blowout or flat tire while driving on the road can cause an inexperienced or unknowledgeable driver to lose control, leading to an accident and possibly serious injuries. Avoid this potentially frightening and dangerous situation by remaining calm and following these guidelines for handling the vehicle.

What Not To Do

If one of your car’s tires blows out, do not panic and do not slam on the breaks. Avoid stopping in a traffic lane, as this poses a hazard to you, as well as other drivers on the road. It is not advised to walk on multi-lane freeways, so if help is not close or you do not have a phone, tie something white to your radio antenna to signal to highway patrol officers that you need assistance.

What To Do

When you first notice tire trouble, grip the wheel firmly and let the car slow gradually by taking your foot off the gas. Work the vehicle toward the breakdown lane or an exit if one is nearby, making sure to use your signals along the way. Steer the vehicle as it slows down, and when all four wheels are off of the pavement, brake lightly until the vehicle comes to a complete stop. Turn your hazard lights on and call for roadside assistance.

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