Yoga Injuries

People of all walks of life in the United States come to the practice of yoga for an equally diverse number of reasons. Some are seeking to simply increase flexibility and strengthen long-neglected muscles, while others seek a holistic, natural approach to treating arthritis and similar chronic conditions. Still more arrive craving a deeper spiritual experience or relief from psychological turmoil, hoping to purify and calm mind and body alike.

Many of these individuals find yoga an incredibly rewarding experience. Its well-documented positive effects on mental and physical health have contributed to an explosion in popularity across the globe in recent years.

The popular conception of yoga as a peaceful, empowering devotion lead many people to see it as relatively harmless when compared to other pastimes such as sports or weightlifting. However, it is important to keep in mind that the more active or vigorous aspects of this discipline are not without their share of risk.

Any physical activity can result in serious injuries, and the intense stretching and workouts involved in many yoga classes are no exception. The likelihood of such incidents is on the rise with the increasing number of participants, as well as an unfortunately growing pool of poorly trained instructors who fail to advise students on the dangers of pushing themselves too far or too hard.

Finding a qualified yoga teacher is far and away the most important safety tip that beginners can follow. Unlike playing an instrument, sewing, or any number of other hobbies, yoga is not an activity that lends itself well to being self-taught.

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