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Erb’s Palsy Victim Sues Big Against London Hospital

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London- The parents of a 4-year old girl in England are suing the hospital she was born in for 300,000 pounds (that is $585,000 U.S.) for negligence.  The child was left with a disabled should after hospital staff pulled too hard on her when she became stuck during delivery.

The nerves in her neck and shoulder were allegedly damaged, resulting in the condition Erb’s Palsy.  The suit is for medical negligence, claiming that the injury could have been avoided if the staff had handled the situation appropriately.

Due to her condition, the little girl suffers permanent physical disability.  After undergoing physiotherapy her strength and range of motion improved.  At this point however, further improvement will not take place and her condition could deteriorate.  The suit also claims that her quality of life in the future will be affected.

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