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Inmate’s Family Wins $300,000 in Wrongful Death Suit

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Cali. – The family of a West Valley Detention Center inmate was awarded $300,000 in a wrongful death settlement.  Luan Morales, a female inmate at the San Bernardino County facility bled to death from a critical pregnancy complication while in custody.  Both the woman and her seven month old fetus died after prison officials delayed contacting medical help until it was too late.

The suit claimed that Morales, who was designated as “high risk” was not transferred to the high risk Unit 15, and that there was a lack of communication between the physicians at Arrowhead Regional Medical Center who treat pregnant inmates.  The incident was reported at 3:15 a.m. and an ambulance was not summoned until over an hour later.

The court found the prison officials responsible for her wrongful death after failing to provide proper medical attention, and in causing a fatal and negligent delay in responding to Morales’ hemorrhaging due to placenta percreta.

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