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Family Files Medical Negligence Lawsuit Against Two Medical Centers

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San Francisco–The family of a five-year old girl has filed a lawsuit against the Alta Bates Medical Center and the Kaiser Permanente Oakland Medical Center, alleging that their daughter developed a preventable disease because at her birth doctors failed to diagnose and treat her jaundice, which developed into the more serious kernicterus. The doctors had noted the girl’s jaundice at her birth but did not conduct a medical test.

Some time after her birth, her parents noted that her jaundice was worsening. To have a blood test conducted, they had to go to the Kaiser Permanent Oakland Medical Center twice because of non-responsiveness on the part of the hospital. After the Oakland Medical Center provided the results, they made the family drive in heavy traffic without ambulance to the Alta Bates Medical Center, where tests and procedures were further delayed.

The family seeks to obtain lifetime medical expenses for the care of their daughter.

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