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2 Chicago Police Veterans Fired for Inappropriate Conduct

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Karen Oaks, a 12-year-veteran, and Larry Guy Jr, a 14-year-veteran, are fired by the Police Board for two, separate counts of improper conduct.

Oaks is accused of having an relationship with Michael Meyers, a 4-time convicted felon, and leaking information regarding a narcotics bust authorities were planning against him.  Fellow officers of Oaks claimed by sharing this information they had to halt the investigation.

Oaks admitted to visiting Meyers in jail, but denies sharing any information.  She denies knowing anything about the undercover narcotics investigation.

Guy was accused of beating a shoplifter in a Target store.  After responding to a call, Guy handcuffed the suspect, and asked if he had anything in his pockets.  The suspect replied, “No,” and Guy reached in to the pocket and cut himself with a razorblade found within it.

Guy hit the suspect repeatedly, and asked Target managers to throw out the security cameras.

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