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Summer farm safety for children

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Summer is here and that means that farming accidents involving youth are soon to spike.  Research shows that the prevelance of heavy machinery and increased outdoor activity presents a high likelihood that children will get hurt playing outdoors in farming communities.  Several different government agencies are offering advice to parents who own dangerous farming equipment.  The Childhood Agricultural Safety Network campaign stresses the importance of keeping children away from tractors.  Safe play areas are also important.  It is good to have an area where the children can play while supervervised as you work.  It is dangerous to bring children into the workplace in an agricultural setting.

When considering assigning a farming task to a child, consult the North American Guidelines for Children's Agricultural Tasks.  The guidelines expressed in this text are based on an understanding of childhood growth and development and take into consideration the child's mental and physical capability when performing a manual task.  Make sure to also consult these guidelines before doing outdoor recreational activities such as hay rides, petting zoos and picking fresh produce.

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