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Driver involved in fatal pedestrian accident was drinking

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Kenosha Police Department officials are reviewing the pedestrian accident that left a 15-year old girl dead.  The accident occurred around 9 PM on June 17th when 42-year old Denise Heckel ran her vehicle into Michelina "Micki" Combs in Paris along County Highway N.  

Police began reviewing the case again after reports were released that a wrongful death lawsuit may be pursued against Heckel.  Heckel hit Combs as she and a friend were walking along the westbound lanes of the highway.  Heckel allegedly could not see Combs until after coming over a hill, and quickly tried to avoid hitting her but was unable.  

Heckel admitted that she consumed five wine coolers from 4 PM to 6:30 PM that evening, but said she only drank water after that.  A blood sample from Heckel was not taken until two hours after the accident and revealed a blood alcohol content below the legal limit.