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Texting ban goes into effect this week

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A new state law banning texting while
driving is going into effect starting this Wednesday. Those who violate it will face hefty

"There has been study after study that when you are texting, there is
a 23 times better chance of having an accident then when you aren't
texting," said David Gawinski,  the owner of the Tri County Driving
School of Appleton.

Taking your eyes off the road for even five
seconds to read or write a text message is more than enough time to run
off the road, hit another car, or lose control, said Gawinski. 

"If you are going 65 mph, you are traveling 95 feet per second," said
Lt. Nick Scorcio of the State Patrol's Fond du Lac office. "If you
travel three seconds with your eyes off the road in a 65 (mph) zone, you
have traveled the length of a football field. In just a moment or a few
seconds of inattentiveness, a lot can happen."

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