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Allstate insurance company sued for wrongful death

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A Wisconsin mother is suing Allstate after the death of her daughter because the company is the insurer of the family that she believes is responsible for her daughter's death.

The incident occurred in 2006, when the woman's daughter was at the home of the woman's ex-husband and his wife. The girl was left unattended to take a bath and drowned. The woman initially filed a lawsuit against her ex-husband and his wife for negligently causing the death of the girl. The woman was to receive $300,000 from her ex-husband's Allstate insurance policy, however, this ruling was thrown out by a court because the man would have been eligible to receive half of the insurance policy.

The woman is now suing Allstate on the basis that the insurance policy of her ex-husband ignored Wisconsin's wrongful death statutes, preventing her from receiving money in the case.

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