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Boy’s cerebral palsy linked to contaminated Triad wipes

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The parents of a 3-year-old boy who has cerebral palsy recently cited the makers of contaminated alcohol wipes, Triad, in a lawsuit. The Triad alcohol wipes, which were contaminated with Bacillus cereus bacteria, have been linked to at least eight deaths and eleven other cases of medical problems.

The boy and his twin brother were both born in a Washington hospital in 2007. The twins were premature, which meant that they had to be taken care of in the hospital's neonatal care unit. While there, the boy suffered a Bacillus cereus infection after being exposed to the wipes, while his brother did not. The boy's brain became so severely damaged from the infection that he suffered cerebral palsy.

Today, the 3-year-old boy suffers from severe motor impairments and cannot eat without a stomach tube. The family is seeking an undisclosed amount in punitive and compensatory damages in the lawsuit.

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