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Dangerous Snowy Road Scene of Multiple Accidents

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According to Kenosha County Sheriff’s Department reports, four vehicles were involved in a series of spin outs and car crashes on Fox River Road, north of 11th Street. The first of these accidents involved 18-year-old Sarah J. Vozel of Silver Lake, who was traveling southbound on the road when she lost control of her vehicle.

Not too long after Vozel’s accident, a Twin Lakes teenager driving southbound struck Vozel’s vehicle after losing control of his vehicle. Although both were unharmed, the two teenagers were given tickets for speeding in inclement conditions.

Later, another woman pulled over to the road side to park and turned on her hazards in response to the previous accident. However, a fourth driver, Gregory P. Livas II of Burlington, lost control of his vehicle and struck the woman’s parked vehicle. While both claimed to be injured, only Livas was taken to a hospital for treatment. He also received a ticket for excessive speed.

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