Kenosha Factory Equipment Defects Attorney

Notorious for being dangerous, factory and industrial jobs often involve the use of powerful machinery in very small spaces. Factory and industrial jobs require a great deal of precision and even the smallest mistake could lead to severe injuries. The sheer power of the dangerous machinery makes the potential to be seriously harmed even greater. Although there are safety inspections in place to ensure that the machines are being properly maintained, negligent employers who do not maintain the machines and other equipment put their workers at serious risk for severe injuries and even death. In many cases, defects are not discovered until someone is injured. If you have been injured by defective factory or industrial equipment, you owe it to yourself to learn more about your legal rights. You should not be left alone to suffer the financial, physical, and emotional burden of your injuries. Contact a lawyer immediately to discover the benefits of working with an experienced attorney.

The Law Offices of Habush Habush & Rottier S.C. ® now offer 12 office locations throughout the state, making it one of Wisconsin's largest personal injury law firms. The Kenosha defective factory or industrial equipment lawyers have many years of experience fighting for the rights of injured workers and are dedicated to helping you organize an effective and successful lawsuit. Allow the Kenosha lawyers to evaluate your case during your free initial consultation and learn about your rights as you pursue a products liability lawsuit. Contact the Kenosha defective factory or industrial equipment lawyers today to schedule your free consultation.